What is FlexiFunnels? | Everything You need to know (2021 Review and Features)


FlexiFunnels is INDIA’s First and the only Funnel Builder to build High Converting Websites and Funnels. It Offers Various Online Marketing Tools for your business at One Place. 

 “Saurabh Bhatnagar”- One of the most successful Internet Marketers of INDIA, Is the founder of Flexifunnels.


FlexiFunnels is a platform specially created for those people who want to start their online business without knowing coding. Or, even if you don’t have an online business, this platform helps you start your online business journey.

FlexiFunnels comes up with all the tools and resources because of which an individual can start an online business right from scratch.

With FlexiFunnels, you will be eliminating 90% of different tools on the internet. 

These are the tools you will no longer need access to :

  • Landing Page Builder ( Lead Pages, Igloo, etc..)
  • Super fast hosting
  • Zapier Basic Operations
  • Everlesson / Kajabi
  • Thrivecart / Paykickstart ( For Customizable Checkout Pages)
  • Clickfunnels for Funnels
  • Expensive Coders
  • Clickmagick / Split test Monkey ( For tracking and Split-testing )
  • Sales reporting software
  • Third-party SSL

And many more…

It has eliminated 90% of different tools and software so that you can run a successful full-fledged online business in one place.

Here are all the important features inside FlexiFunnels:

1)  Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder:-

You can build high-converting landing pages and websites with pure Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder even if you don’t have expensive coding skills or technical skills.


Use your own imagination or think of any page that you like. You can make it exactly similar with mobile responsive drag and drop functionality. 

The functionalities are endless to your imagination.

And, the most interesting part is that you will be given 500+ Done For You (DYF)  HIGH CONVERTING Landing Page Templates that you can use for your own project or your client’s projects and get paid more.

2)  Integrated Payment Method Integrations:-

FlexiFunnels is integrated with Instamojo, Razorpay, and PayU, Stripe, and Paypal. Giving you full control to create Funnels and use the payment method of your choice.

Earlier, when you were selling a course or any product on the internet, you only had 2 choices to receive the payments: 

   1. You either go to the expensive developers and ask them to integrate your payment gateway with your website.    

   2. OR You would redirect your customers to the checkout pages of payment gateways.

The biggest disadvantages of those methods were that you couldn’t customize the checkout pages, and even you can’t add your pixel to the checkout page to retarget the people who visited your checkout page. 

→  With the help of FlexiFunnels, you can set up all the features right within the platform.

3)  Superfast and Accelerated Page Delivery:-

The first and foremost thing is that A customer should land on your page. Your lead magnet, product, funnel, copywriting, or any other fancy stuff would come later.

The Pages created on FlexiFunnels will load much faster than any page made by any other page builder on the planet.

Look at the statistic below : 

Just an extra 1 second loading time makes you lose 38% customers in comparison to 9%.

Imagine the revenue loss happening to you just because you are innocently using a so-called “Good Hosting”. 

It’s hard to imagine losing almost 38% of our audience because of using outdated hosting.

FlexiFunnels pages, on the other hand, load in milliseconds. Even if you have High-quality HD images and video on your page, the page speed will be lightning-quick, just like Thanos wants to snap his fingers.

4)  Converting Checkout Pages:- 

Do you realize your checkout page is the final step in the process when the customer is about to make a purchase? IT has to be super optimized, right?

Old and outdated checkout pages of Instamojo, Razorpay, Paypal, etc., lose you money. You don’t have the control to customize anything on those checkout pages. And even to the fact that those checkout pages don’t have cart abandonment functionality. 

Even when the customer is on the checkout page and if life happened, you lost the sale. This is where you need tools like Thrivecart, Paykickstart, etc., which is again a huge extra cost. 

→ But with FlexiFunnels, you are getting it as one of the features. 

Isn’t it Amazing?

Let’s look at Conversion Elements on the FlexiFunnels Checkout Page that increases conversions : 

1. Timer on the Checkout Page: 

Similar to what you would have seen on Amazon or probably on tons of other sites. Simply because scarcity leads to more conversions.

Yup, FOMO works!!

2. Coupon code (Offer a one-time coupon code on the checkout page)

Another tried and tested, proven tactic to increase conversions on the page used by the best sites on the planet. 

→ Offer a limited-time coupon on your checkout page and see your conversions rise. 

3. Add Testimonials to Build Trust:

Just before making any purchase, your customers are always in that “confusion” zone where they are thinking about whether they should buy or not.

→ Put your best testimonials on the checkout page. This will help them regain confidence in your product and ultimately leads to more purchases.

4. Add Bullets about the Deliverables: 

Another great conversion optimization hack is to add bullets of all the main deliverables. It reminds them of why they are purchasing the product and helps in value stacking.

Here’s the simple rule: 

→ Value Stacking = Higher Value of the product.

The moment your product is “Higher in Value” than the “Price of the Product”, the sale happens automatically. 

5. Secure &  Trusted Seal:

You can give your customers 1000+ reasons to buy… But only one good reason is good enough for them not to buy. 

Many customers still have this feeling that online purchases are not safe.

A trusted payment seal helps you lock those conversions as well. That’s a reason why the best online purchasing sites like “Clickbank”, JVZoo use the trust seals on their checkout pages. 

6. Cart Abandonment Functionality: (Convert your lost customers)

Being able to send instant communication on autopilot to the customers who abandoned the cart is a lifesaver. 

It is said that nearly half of the cart abandoned emails are opened, and one-third of clicks lead to purchases back on the site.

It is a proven method of adding a lot of extra revenue to your pockets.

7. Remarketing Pixels on the Checkout Page:

[Probably the best one saved for the last 🙂 ]

Now you will be able to remarket your visitors who were just on the brink of making the purchase but did not buy for some reason… This adds up the insane level of revenue to the bottom side!!

Well, these were 7 Powerful Reasons How and Why FlexiFunnels Checkout Pages would add more to your bottom line revenue with the help of Conversion Optimized Checkout Pages.


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    5)  Bump Offers:- 

    Just in case if you don’t know what a Bump Offer is, It is an irresistible Offer given to the customer just before making a purchase. 

    [ One-Time Bump Offers On FlexiFunnels Checkout Pages That Increases Revenue and Average Order Value ]

    These Bump Offers are proven to increase the average cart value by 18-37% without doing anything extra. So, if you were making $1000 with your marketing funnel, you would be making $1180 – $1370 instead.

    That’s a huge boost in revenue for doing nothing extra. 

    Here’s the Conclusive Fact: 

    On the Checkout page, your customer needs just one good reason not to buy the product. 

    The multiple conversion elements on the FlexiFunnels Checkout Page automatically help you in increasing your conversions. Moreover, you have the flexibility to add anything that you like. Design your checkout page the way you like it. 

    Plus, you will have a higher average cart value because of the “Bump Offers”. 

     → Overall FlexiFunnels Checkout Pages will help you generate more conversions and revenue than the other normal checkout pages.

    6)  Advanced Funnel Logics:- 

    Create advanced Funnels with the local payment gateways, which were never possible earlier. 

    Mastering the art of funnels is the greatest gift you will give to yourself in online marketing. 

    If you nail just this one thing right, you will easily make at least 10 times more profits than your nearest competitor. 

    → FlexiFunnels gives you all the advanced funnel logic to create upsell, down-sell, lead gen funnels, webinar funnels, or any type of funnels you want to create. 

    Are You Already in the zone where your mind is BLOWN AWAY??

    🙂  Well, we have more to go!!

    7)  Course Membership Area:-

    You can host your courses right inside FlexiFunnels in the inbuilt membership area. 

    No extra charges, No longer you will need 3rd party membership platforms to host your courses and then zapier to send data from your payment solution to the membership area.

    With the FlexiFunnels, you don’t have to worry about connecting various tools. You can manage all the work inside a single platform which will save you thousands of dollars. 

    8)  Advanced Integrations:- 

    No longer you will need the help of zapier and all to keep your basic integrations alive. FlexiFunnels have integrations with an autoresponder, webinar platform, and payment gateway in one platform so that your online business will run smoothly. 

    → FlexiFunnels eliminates the use of Zapier by integrating Autoresponder, webinar platform, and payment gateway in one single platform. You don’t have to pay zapier even $1 or 1 Rupee. 

    9)  Done For You Funnels and Pages:-

    You will be given 500+ DFY Highly Converting Funnel templates and Pages. 

    These include pages for: 

    • Offline business
    • Local businesses 
    • Course creators 
    • Network marketers 
    • Digital product sellers 
    • OTO pages 
    • Downsell pages 
    • Checkout pages 
    • Webinar pages 
    • Event Registration Pages
    • Lead generation pages  …

    And every kind of Page that exists on the Earth. 

    Even if you are not from a designing background, You don’t have to think of the word “Designing”, and if you want anything to be customized, you have the drag and drop builder, which makes your work much easier.

    “Every Goddamn thing which you need in your online business is given to you inside the platform”.

    10)  Fully Mobile Responsive Pages:- 

    Do you know a whopping 70% of all web traffic comes from Mobile?

    The smart editor inside FlexiFunnels makes your pages fully mobile responsive Automatically!! 

    Plus, you will get editing options for mobile if you want to do anything custom. 

    11)  Automated Emails:- 

    FlexiFunnels is giving you a warm SMTP and the ability to integrate with your own SMTP so you can set up an email follow-up sequence to any lead or sale that you generate.

    →  This is especially great for the new funnel creators who are not very familiar with the email Autoresponders. They will be able to create a simple follow-up sequence right within FlexiFunnels for their contacts.

    12)  Automated Split Testing:-

    Just enable the split testing feature of any funnel, and the smart system will automatically spit the traffic between pages and show you the winner.

    → It’s a great feature to have for which you don’t have to pay anything extra.

    Otherwise, without FlexiFunnels, you need tools like Clickmagick or split test monkey and set up goals in google analytics to track all the data. It simply requires more time and money. 

    FlexiFunnels saves you both while giving you accurate results for better conversions.

    13)  Digital Assets:-

    You can upload your simple digital assets like a Pdf, Ebook, or a case study, or anything up to 3 Mb, and you can easily deliver it to your contacts when they subscribe for it. 

    No need to redirect them to google drive or anything external link that confuses them. Everything will happen within the FlexiFunnels Ecosystem. 

    By this time, your mind would be Absolutely Blown Away..  🙂 🙂 



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      14)  Domain Mapping:-

      Even though FlexiFunnels will host your pages, funnels for you, your customers will always see your branding there. 

      The domain mapping functionality is way too easy to do and takes hardly 1-2 minutes. 

      15) SEO Meta:- 

      Today, your page headline and description have to look good on google search results in the Google age.

      →  FlexiFunnels gives you an SEO feature to add your meta-name, meta-description, and image so that your pages look good on google search and also on social media.

      16)  Tracking Pixels, Head and Body code:-

      You can add your own tracking pixels and any code in the header and body of your pages. So you can easily track the data, add any chat plugin or anything, you can do that.

      Either it is google remarketing, google analytics, Facebook marketing, quora, Linkedin marketing, or any kind of Pixel that exist on the internet. You can add inside the pages of your funnel.

      ———————————–  🙂 

      Imagine, if FlexiFunnels would not be there, you will require at least 10 different software to run a Full-Fledged Online Business. 

      With FlexiFunnels, you can easily save thousands of dollars every month.

                                                                                                     🙂  ————————————–

      17)  Contact Centralization:- 

      For all the contacts you will generate while generating leads or making sales, you will be able to see them inside the FlexiFunnels dashboard. 

      → So you can always keep track of all your users without worrying about losing any lead.

      18)  Sales Reporting:-

      FlexiFunnels gives you an accurate sales reporting panel to see all your sales and numbers in one go.

      → You will be able to see the sales of all your products and upsells or down-sells if you have them in one place—no need to maintain a separate sales database. 

      Whatever the immediate stats you have within the specific dates, either Leads, Revenue, Conversions, Page views, Checkout page views, Sales, Conversion percentage, Refunds, etc… All will be available right within the dashboard. 

      → Your total Business Model with a detailed level of Reporting will be shown in front of you. 

      Even if you want to see the stats of an individual funnel or individual product, you can check right inside the dashboard.

      19)  Automatic SSL:-

      All your pages and funnels will be fully SSL encrypted. You don’t need to pay anything extra to an SSL provider. 

      Plus, your SSL will be managed by FlexiFunnels only. Hence all needs of your online business are taken care of under one single platform.


      20) FlexiFunnels Affiliate:-

      All the customers of FlexiFunnels will have the chance to become an affiliate of FlexiFunnels. This gives you a huge opportunity to earn a recurring income by promoting the product. 

      And in some cases, you don’t need to promote either. You can enable a small badge present on all your pages, which says “Made with FlexiFunnels”. Anyone who clicks on it and buys the product will automatically generate a commission for you. 

      So you will be earning a high income while working solely on your business.


      FlexiFunnels will probably become one of the Best Online Marketing Tools ever built on this planet. You are given all the elements and resources you want in your business, which saves you from spending tons of dollars on other tools on the internet. 

      This is my Honest Review on FlexiFunnels, and I Really Thank You for reading this article till the end. I hope this article helped you understand FlexiFunnels in detail. 

      What is your opinion about FlexiFunnels? Let me know in the comment box. And if you have any questions, drop them below and I will answer them all.

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